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Tesla Has Increased The Price Of Its Model 3 And Model Y Globally








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[p]Tesla has increased the price of both its Model 3 and Model Y cars globally, with some of the belief that it is continued pressure from supply chain constraints that has forced the company’s hand.

[p]Tesla has been increasing the price of its cars throughout the United States all year, but this move sees other countries involved including two of its most influential in China and Canada.

[p]The former’s South China Morning Post reports that prices increased considerably — having only increased earlier in the week.

[p]The sticker price of Tesla’s rear-wheel-drive Model 3, with a driving range of 556 kilometers (345 miles), went up by 1.9 per cent, or 4,752 yuan, to 255,652 yuan (US$39,992) after discounts, the carmaker said on Wednesday. Five days earlier, Tesla raised Model 3’s price by 6.4 per cent.

[p]The price of the Model Y, unveiled in January during a surprise launch, was marked up by 1.7 per cent, or 4,752 yuan, to 280,752 yuan, Tesla announced, without saying why it raised its prices. The prices of Shanghai-made Teslas with higher specifications or driving range remain unchanged.

[p]In terms of Canada, the most important point here is that the increase in Model 3 pricing has now taken it out of the federal EV incentive program — as reported by Electrek. That incentive sees buyers receive $5,000, but only on cars that start at less than $45,00 and don’t cost more than $55,000.

[p]Now Tesla’s latest price increase pushed the Model 3 RWD Standard Range price from $54,490 to $59,990.

[p]It’s a similar story in terms of some local incentives as well, with British Columbia’s $5,000 incentive now out of range.

[p]What this does to sales in affected markets isn’t yet clear, although we have to imagine that the impact in Canada will be the worst of the two. Not only is the sticker price of the car increasing, but buyers now also lose out on incentives to buy the car in the first place, too.

[p]With Tesla now no longer the only company making good electric vehicles, competition is more fierce than ever.


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