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Horoscope: August 27, 2016








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[p]Your stars today

[p]Aries | March 20 – April 18

[p]You’re forthright, and don’t customise your views according to the situation you’re in, or the people you’re with. Yet at the moment you’re urged to do exactly that. One particular individual has been faced with a series of extremely challenging situations, and isn’t ready to hear the facts as you see them.

[p]Taurus | April 19 – May 19

[p]While under ordinary conditions you’d be wise to clarify as much as possible before Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th, and brings with it a certain amount of confusion, there’s no rush. Ironically, what you learn in the midst of dealing with that confusion could expose facts that, thus far, you’ve been unable to obtain.

[p]Gemini | May 20 – June 19

[p]Ordinarily you wouldn’t worry about clashes in the past, no matter how recent. From your perspective, life is easier if you can just move on and put any such difficulties behind you. However, one particular case is so complex you owe it to yourself to untangle misunderstandings while you still recall all the details.

[p]Cancer | June 20 – July 21

[p]Although the ideas planet Mercury won’t actually be retrograde until the 30th, you may well already be encountering the errors and misunderstandings typical of this cycle. And, ironically, what you learn when undoing these will enable you to straighten out confusion now, while you’re still working out new ideas, plans and arrangements.

[p]Leo | July 22 – August 21

[p]The Leo New Moon may have taken place a month ago, but you’re still debating the wisdom of pursuing certain ideas that arose or were suggested by others then. Tempting as it is to believe you’ve all the time in the world to mull these over, you don’t. Wait much longer and they’ll vanish.

[p]Virgo | August 22 – September 21

[p]There are few more congenial planetary links than that being formed by your ruler Mercury and the charming Venus, which accents both your financial resources and close relationships, personal and professional. Take advantage of this opportunity to tackle those issues that, despite your best efforts, you’ve been unable to resolve.

[p]Libra | September 22 – October 21

[p]Only days ago you avoided even mentioning troublesome difficulties. While, on one hand, it seemed little could be done about these, on the other, certain individuals seemed determined to pretend the issues didn’t exist anyway. Now, suddenly, the mood’s changed and to your dismay, they’re eager to talk them over.

[p]Scorpio | October 22 – November 20

[p]Obviously, the discovery somebody you’re dealing with doesn’t care about getting their facts right is worrying. Yet not everybody pays attention to  such matters as much as you. While you can’t alter the habits of the individual in question, you can make them aware how crucial details of this nature are.

[p]Sagittarius | November 21 – December 20

[p]Do you feel you can’t help but be in the right place, at exactly the right time? True, you may not know why, or who or what you’ll encounter next. All you need is faith, and the willingness to explore whatever comes your way, and with an open mind. The rest is easy.

[p]Capricorn | December 21 – January 19

[p]Your objective is to organise future plans. Try to do it now, with Mercury retrograde from this Tuesday until 22 September, however, and you’ll find you need to rethink even the simplest of arrangements frequently. Out of character as living one day at a time is, it’s the best strategy.

[p]Aquarius | January 20 – February 18

[p]Being independent by nature, you’ll either ignore those who try to give you unsolicited advice or, if their attitude is aggressive, tell them to back off. Now, however, it’s worth at least considering what one particular individual is trying to get across. In this case, they’re better informed than you are.

[p]Pisces | February 19 – March 19

[p]Somebody’s convinced certain plans aren’t just pressing, but they must be organised in detail. While ordinarily you’d go along with their demands, gently but firmly remind them that with Mercury retrograde from Tuesday, even the simplest of plans are likely to need a rethink, so perhaps less is best.

[p]Published in

[p]The Express Tribune

[p], August 27th, 2016.


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