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[h1]DR Congo election: Candidate Martin Fayulu appeals against result[/h1][p][br]


[p]An opposition presidential candidate in the Democratic Republic of Congo has filed an appeal in the constitutional court against last month's poll result.

[p]Martin Fayulu insists he won the vote and has demanded a manual recount, but the electoral commission declared rival Felix Tshisekedi the winner.

[p]Troops have deployed near Mr Fayulu's residence and outside the court.

[p]He accuses Mr Tshisekedi, also an opposition candidate, of making a deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila. [a href="" target="_blank"]Read more ...[/a]


[h1]South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa urges action against 'rape crisis'[/h1][p][br]


[p]South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged men to unite against rape and sexual assault in the country, calling it a "national crisis".

[p]Women were being raped and killed on a continuous basis and it was time to end gender-based violence, he said.

[p]He made his impassioned plea while launching an election manifesto for the governing African National Congress.

[p]Some 40,000 rapes are reported every year, though this is thought to be only a fraction of the real total.

[p]The president asked men in the packed Durban stadium, where tens of thousands of supporters watched his speech, to stand to show their condemnation.  [a href="" target="_blank"]Read more ...[/a]


[h1]Sharm el-Sheikh: UK should end flight ban - Egyptian ambassador[/h1][p][br]


[p]Direct flights from Britain to Sharm el-Sheikh should resume, the Egyptian ambassador to the UK has said.

[p]Tarek Adel told the BBC Egypt had finished working with British security teams to upgrade its airports and was ready to welcome flights again.

[p]All UK flights to beach resort Sharm el-Sheikh were banned in [a href=""]November 2015.[/a]

[p]It followed the bombing of a Russian airliner which killed all 224 people on board. The Islamic State group claimed it was behind the attack.

[p]Sharm el-Sheikh previously attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from the UK each year, making it an important resort for airlines and holiday companies. [a href="" target="_blank"]Read more ...[/a]


[h1]Sudan worshippers turn on imam over protests against President Bashir[/h1][p][br]


[p]An influential Sudanese imam had to be removed from a mosque in the capital, Khartoum, after worshippers confronted him for not leading protests against embattled President Omar al-Bashir.

[p]In a video shared on social media, a man appears to shout at imam Abdul Hai Yusuf, who often backs the government: "Get up and lead us from this mosque!"

[p]A frantic crowd then chants "downfall [of the regime] only".

[p]Police fired tear gas at protesters who marched after Friday prayers.

[p]Three weeks of demonstrations have left 22 people dead across the country. [a href="" target="_blank"]Read more ...[/a]


[h1]Paris explosion – How did the bakery blast happen, how many victims were injured and what’s the current death toll?[/h1][p][br]

[p]A Parisian bakery went up in flames as a dramatic blast caused a number of casualties.

[p]Firefighters could be seen pulling people from the burning building in the 9th district of the French capital after the blast at around 9am local time on January 12, 2019. [a href="" target="_blank"]Read more ...[/a]


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Thanks brother for sharing

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