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If you are also a victim of Internet disease discoomegulation!

 Internet has become a necessity in today's times. Without it, it seems that life is incomplete. Not being online for some reason becomes frustrating for many people. If you also get frustrated due to not being online, then it can be a matter of trouble. According to a study, people experiencing stress may suffer from dyscomagulation problems due to not being online. The increasing proliferation of broadband has brought us into the world of instant answer, where information is a mouse click away from people. Because of these people have become accustomed to the web. The web has become the answer to all their questions and the companion of their loneliness. In such a situation, when they are not able to access online, then in this spontaneity, they gradually become victims of discomagulation. The term is derived from discomboobulate and Google. Discombobulate means frustration or confusion.

What is Discommugolation: According to psychologists, Discomgugulation is a kind of realization. When a person is not able to access the world of information i.e. the Internet, the activity of his brain becomes extraordinary. It is a new type of syndrome, which is caused by the inability to find an immediate answer to a problem and the lack of internet access. Scientists in their study found that this is equal to the stress of arriving late in a meeting, giving an important exam. This survey was conducted by scientists over 2000 people.

When the team of scientists measured the hearts and minds of the people through the monitor, they found that the restlessness of men was more than that of women. He observed that stress problems are more common among men due to not having access to the net. It was also seen in the survey that after disconnecting the Internet connection, people's mindsets and blood pressure increased sharply.

AIIMS psychologist Rajesh Sagar says that some people have an increased dependence on the Internet. It also has harmful effects. It affects your fingers, neck and other parts of the body. It also affects sleep and your mind. For this, it is necessary to take frequent breaks and increase physical activity. Its effect is also seen on your nature. The most important thing for this is that you are not used to the Internet. Dr. Sagar says that the decision of internet fasting is better. In this, they stop using it and experience other things. Whenever people who are fiercely accustomed to gaming or streaming come to us, we recommend them to take a short break after every game or show. This helps them, because taking a break decreases their interest.

Spend more than 3 hours on the internet every day

According to a Nimhan's study, 27.1% of engineering students had mild to moderate Internet addiction, 9.7% had a decent, and 0.4% had a serious problem. It is more addictive among students than female students. Renters also use the Internet more. They spend more than 3 hours per day on the Internet. This causes them psychological problems.


Do not create a complete dependency on the Internet. Because of which you will not be a victim of frustration due to not using it.

Do not access internet at any regular time.

Take breaks in between to get online, so as to avoid unnecessary pressure. 


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Thanks for the Information

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great post

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