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[p][span style="font-weight: bold;"]Please sit down, Professor Jalal, the investigation is over, and we had to take the testimony of Madame Maryam and close the record, as there is no criminal suspicion about the accused, and then Mary, accompanied by her uncle Jalal, came out of the police station, crying with subjugation:
What will I do, my uncle, and why do Hassan's sisters accuse me of killing him ??
It seems that Hassan has escaped from his sisters, Mary for some reason and they do not know a method ??
But why does he escape from his sisters and leave me alone, uncle, I do not understand anything ??
I do not know that you are the most one knowing Hassan ... So what happened between him and his sisters in the recent period ??
I don't know, uncle.
How do you not know while you live in the same palace, Mary ??
Yes, we used to live in the same palace, but each family is independent and has no income with the other, because they were strangers of character and behavior, and I hated life with them.
And what was Hassan working with his sisters
I do not know
No, oh Mary, this is too much and unbearable, you foolish girl. How can you be his wife and know nothing about him? Have you lost your mind, Mary? You have tempted money and wealth and agreed with Hassan as your husband despite my objection to him from the beginning, so you did not care about something in the family and now you pay the price. Your husband's papers and his things may have discovered something ..
But he did not leave any leaves behind, so all his need and papers there are in the palace with her son, and here Jalal exhaled and looked at her angrily:
This is your problem alone, Mary .. and no one else will solve it for you, and then exhale vigorously, saying:
It seems that you have committed a sin one day and God punishes you today, then he left it and left angry while he remembers how you did not hear anyone's words or advice and married her husband Hassan to his obscene richness and she refused to listen to anyone even to her father who died of oppression. Hassan and his family were eccentric but a stupid girl and stubborn girl do not hear Except the words of her mind and she loves nothing but wealth and greed, and now she pays the price alone.[/span]

mohamed fathy

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