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[p][span style="font-weight: bold;"]Here a gray-haired man in a black suit with a black bag in his hand, wearing a thick medical binoculars, entered here, and Mary screamed eagerly upon seeing him and then threw herself in his arms, saying:

My uncle Jalal, please save me .. They do not believe me, my uncle, can you believe that they accuse me of killing Hassan my husband, so I raised him on her back and then gently pushed her away saying:
Counselor Jalal Al-Sayed is present with the accused, please tell me the charge against my client
Your client is in a communication submitted by her husband's sisters accusing her of killing her husband Hassan and hiding his body
And where is the evidence, O investigator of Hassan's death ... Did the police find his body, and how do they accuse them unfairly of people without any evidence, then they arrested my client before the eyes of the people without a single physical evidence other than a communication that might have been unfairly malicious, I am calling for the release of my client at once Otherwise, I will file a complaint with the Attorney General, and here the investigator looked at him with anger, because he knows that everything the lawyer said is true, but what he will do. He has been tempted by the amount they paid him, but he is forced to release her.[/span]

mohamed fathy

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