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Messages from the other world and hell, Part III 2








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[p][span style="font-weight: bold;"]She stayed away from her family and friends, and from the city full of mornings, and the customs of her husband's family were strange. They are always silent, speaking only rarely, they never gather at a single table of food, each family with itself as if they do not know each other, and she was alone, so she has no children and her husband does not. You only see it at bedtime, so I started to get bored and screams at night ...

She was horrified and terrified and when she told her husband to laugh at her and make fun of her, and finally she began to feel that she is not alone in the apartment, there are those who follow her steps, a black shadow that sometimes she sees with the tip of her eyes is a black cellulite for a person who watches her always and when she tries to make sure she does not find anything, then she searches everywhere in the apartment, so she does not find anyone She pissed and turned, then opened the TV on the channel of glory to the Holy Qur’an, and went to the balcony waiting for the arrival of her husband, and now he does not believe her and even makes fun of her, so she stood confused looking at her husband while he was about to come out with a sigh, so this is not the life that she had ever hoped for, for she was hoping that Live life every moment of it and enjoy ...

She goes out and travels to new places and damages the world, with one of the big boats ... not to be locked in this bleak place and wasted years of her life in vain, and here I heard loud screams coming from the fifth floor and I felt goose bumps flowing in her body and opened the door of her apartment to steal hearing, but she did not hear anything, but she heard someone’s steps The pace accelerates up the stairs and here she slowly closed the door of her apartment so that no one would feel about her, and she stood behind the door looking from the magic eye in the middle of the door, and here she saw the mother of her husband, Afaf Hanim, the elderly lady who exceeded sixty years quietly climbed the stairs while carrying a large knife, and here Mary inhale in horror and put her hand on F. Maha to conceal the cry, and at that moment I saw Maryam ... her mother-in-law, Afaf Hanim, looks at the door of her apartment, then smiles and shines on her sharp teeth.

Mary then frightenedly moved away from the door as she put her hand on her mouth and trembled her joints, and asked whether the woman saw her from behind the door and what would she do with the knife, and here I heard a loud noise from the kitchen and things shattering, so Mary screamed scared and then went to the kitchen and found nothing there, but she found something strange All the utensils are broken on the ground and the dishes are broken. Here I saw him with the tip of her eyes a black shadow of a person running quickly next to her. Gleaming .. [/span]

mohamed fathy

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