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Messages from the other world and hell, Part III 1








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[p][span style="font-weight: bold;"]Mary did not like the family homes and did not wish to live in one of them one day, but not with her wealthy husband Hassan, this is a big palace, yes the palace is in the countryside among green fields and not in the city, but in the end it was a palace that dreamed of seeing only in its awakening, and wished to enter its dream, did not bade to Mary Nothing but the fifth floor of the palace and its residents. She was feeling awe of him since she stepped on to the palace. She heard a continuous screaming sound at night and when she tried to rise up the floor, to find out what was happening she was finding “Tayseer” her sister’s sister, suddenly standing in front of the ladder like death to turn between her and what she would do. She asks her if she wants anything, so Mariam looks with horror with her Walking frightening, and she rushes to her room scared, frightened, without figured it out, and when I told her husband Hassan what happened I do languidly, to facilitate wheelchair a pair of time and has a four-and suffering paralysis of epilepsy and suffer sometimes, cases of hysteria Faisrkh without reason was not convinced Mary and her time with that argument is flimsy ..

She knew that her husband was lying, and this is for a simple reason. She hears the screams of a woman and not a man, but she did not care about her time and tried to adapt and coexist with the new situation, so her husband Hassan did not spare anything about her, but he was generous and acted generously. She does not know what her husband does, nor his siblings, nor where. All she knows about her husband is that he only works with his mother and siblings with trade, but she does not know any trade, type, or even her place. They were going out in the morning, and they did not return until nighttime and she tried to be busy, but what would she do.[/span]

mohamed fathy

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